Your Dogs Resort Destination!

We are a fully climate - controlled environment. We have 24-hour video surveillance throughout the entire facility and are fully insured for your pets safety.

We’re also conveniently located in town!

During your pets stay, they will have individual attention with a staff member for walks on a leash and play sessions at no additional cost to you. Potty breaks will take place at a minimum of 4 times through out the day. Two long walks at a minimum of twice a day. Your pets are never left unattended. Play sessions will take place with all house mates and other guests if you like never any more than three pets at a time so to minimize the risk of unintended bites.

We are a grooming facility so during your pets stay we can usually incorporate grooming services.

All lodging does require a reservation and $25.00 deposit to hold your reservation. Deposits will be on a major credit card we will keep on file and secure. Your deposit will be deducted from your final bill. 

Cancellation Policy: We require 3 days notice for all lodging cancellations. Reservation cancellation without proper notice will forfeit deposit.

We do offer in-home pet sitting. A free consult with a staff member prior to scheduling is required.


Requirements for Lodging:

  • Deposit Credit Card Form

  • Boarding Registration Form

  • Pet instruction Form

  • Medication Form. This is needed if your pet requires meds during its stay.

  • Must be able to be in a kennel. This is for safety of your pet in the event overnight a first responder needs to remove the animals for any reason.

  • Must be up to date on all vaccinations and provide necessary proof. (see Requirements and Polices)

Special Note: At this time we are not requiring the K-9 flue vaccination for the H3N2 virus due to no known case in Southern Indiana. Rather we recommend you discuss this with you vet. Should there be a documented case we will adjust our requirements to safeguard your pets and our facility from exposure.

  • Guests must be house trained or pad trained and people friendly

  • Guests must be flea and tick free, and currently using prevention. (see Requirements and Polices)

Hours of operation:

  • Monday through Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 am

  • Saturday 8:00 am - 4:00 am (For Grooming by appointment)

  • Drop off or Pick up on Saturdays and Sundays, scheduling is required and additional fees may apply for this convenience.

Closed for the following holidays:

New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day and holds an additional fee per dog.

Lodging pet pick up or drop off time out side of normal business hours can be scheduled for an additional $10.00 fee for convenience and must be a specific scheduled time.

What to Bring:

  • Food (pre-packaged in zip lock bags are great to ensure we feed how you want us to)

  • Favorite toy

  • Treats

  • Bedding if you like we have ample bedding and blankets.

*We provide feeding bowls that are sanitized after each use.*


Our Services



Most commonly referred to a boarding, we offer your pet an environment that is safer in a climate controlled environment, with 24 hr surveillance. Our overnight suites are custom built to secure your pet for emergency removal for any first responder if ever necessary. 

In home care

As a fully insured and bonded facility our staff can come to your home in the event your pets or you are more comfortable that way.  We offer a consultation so you can meet with staff. 

Drop Off and pick up services (Pet-Taxi)

This can be arranged for any of our services. We reserve the right to add a convenience fee at any time.

Short term lodging

Commonly referred to as Daycare, in our facility we offer doggies day play, under human supervision, for up to 3 pets at a time to ensure all in play get the attention needed and everyone is safe. All short term stays get regular potty breaks between play sessions.


We have a A.K.C. evaluator on staff and can certify your pet as Canine Good Citizen if your pet is prepared. We offer training to prepare for this also. We offer one-on-one training with any long or short term stay.

Private sessions can always be arranged as well.


Semi-Private Walk

Your pet is never alone even during exercising. A staff member is always present with your pet. Your pet is walked on leash a minimum of 4 times daily to ensure s/he has proper movements during their stay with us.

Puppy Training

We offer puppy training in two areas. One is with our styling/grooming environment and packages are available to ensure your pet is introduced to the environment safely and properly. Second is through group or private lessons which can also be incorporated into any long or short term stay. This form of obedience training can lead you and your puppy to an A.K.C. Puppy Star title. We have an A.K.C. evaluator on staff.

Grooming pet-styling

Our skilled Professional Animal Cosmetologists use top of the line tools,  products and leading industry techniques for your pets safety and comfort. Styling is by appointment with our skilled Animal Cosmetologists. However, we offer many maintenance services on an as needed basis with out appointment. The products used during the styling process are not only pet safe they are eco friendly too! We care for your pets and the environment we all share.

I love the staff at Pet-Agree! They are always nice and friendly. Every time my dogs come home they are super happy or tired. :) I dont know how they always keep the place so clean with all those dogs its a miracle!
— Mike and Christy Harder