Our pets may be one of the joys of our life, but they also can be frustrating and disobedient. Any dog can be a great dog; all it takes is a little training. Obedience training is about developing a strong relationship with you and your dog  - not just sit, stay and come. All pets have their own unique tendencies and pedigree bred characteristics. Breeds can greatly differ due to thousands of years of breeding and purpose training.

We use a positive approach that has been developed, and proven effective, by leading dog trainers and animal behaviorists. Not only is our training services for your pet, they will train you how to better control and discipline your animal allowing you to have a life long partnership. Any dog can benefit from the positive re-enforcement of our classes.

In a nutshell, the objective of training is to teach you to teach your dog your expectations.

Our training services are tailored for your pet and will help them master the core disciplines of:

  • Sit & Down

  • Stay & Come

  • Leash Walking

  • And Many More Disciplines

We offer the following training:

  • Private Dog Training (One-on-One) on sight or in your home

  • Beginner Training 6 months and older

  • Intermediate Training

  • Therapy Dog International Class training (T.D.I)

  • Canine Good Citizen C.G.C. title classes and certification

  • Puppy Training one on one for dogs 12 weeks to 6 months