Training Classes

Pet-Agree training classes provide you and your dog with a foundation of obedience that will transform your pet into a respectful family member. This foundation provides you with the knowledge to handle behavior problems that may occur, as well as teach your dog what you expect of them.  You will be taught to be the dominant figure in your dog’s life, not just a playmate. Any dog can be a great dog! All it takes is a little training and a great attitude.

All sessions and testing must be pre-paid and scheduled ahead of time. Once a session is paid for there are no refunds.

For Those Considering a Beginners Dog Training Class: An Important Announcement

Having run dog-training classes for a great many years, we can say, with certainty, that group classes usually are not the best way for inexperienced owners to train a “green” dog. We am not speaking here about socialization classes for young puppies (we think they fill a very important role), rather we are talking about pets that have already established a difficult behavior which has become harder for the average family to live in harmony with.

The combined needs of teaching your dog the various obedience exercises, while attempting to establish your leadership, is far more difficult in a room full of out-of-control dogs and inexperienced owners. Further, classes often do not address many of the behavior problems people are having with their dog. It is far better to first establish a foundation of basic exercises, attention and respect in individual lessons before joining a group class. Once those ingredients are established, classes can then have something to offer.

According to recent surveys, dog owners (that had little to no foundation or prior knowledge of handling dogs) who began with private lessons and then joined group classes received much better and faster results than those who started in a group class setting.

Working in private sessions then following those up with group classes is by far the best way you can train your dog. This process does in fact, cost more - but it is well worth it.


Private Intimate Training Sessions One-on-One

We have found you commitment to two (2) introductory sessions is a great way to start addressing your concerns and to set a plan to achieve your end goal. These classes are utilized to assess the pet and owner dynamic and to inform the owner of what they can expect from additional classes. During these sessions, we will recommend products to assist in the training process. Additional one-on-one sessions can be booked and they will be personalized to each households expectation. Expectations for sessions after the intial two can be: learn sit, stay, down, and other basics as requested by the owner.

The Family Dog Class Package (Basic Obedience)

Addressing many of the difficult behaviors of some of our breeds, the Family Dog will help to build that strong relationship where a dog and their master is a single working unit.  We will utilized the first class to assess each household. After the initial assessment, you can expect to start with basic commands such as: sit, down, stay, other basics.  We want you to feel safe enough to take your dog anywhere and expect the behavior you were asking for. 


Canine Good Citizen Class Package (C.G.C.) 

The standard of a well trained dog is the C.G.C, we will train you and your dog to meet this exacting standard.  Adopted by other countries around the world, the American Kennel Clubs C.G.C. is the considered the Gold standard for the family pet.  You and your dog will learn the ten (10) activities to earning a C.G.C. title (yes, even mixed breed dogs can have titles).  Join us for fun, frolicking, and building the partnership that will solidify your family dog's behavior that is always appropriate and wanted.  At the end of the class you will have the option to be evaluated for your C.G.C. title. The evaluation (test) fee is not included.


Canine Good Citizen  (C.G.C.) Testing

We are a facility which can conduct private and group testing.

Therapy Dog Class Package (T.D.I.)

This class is to prepare your dog to work through the challenging environments that a therapy dog may be exposed to during a working visit. More than just skills to pass the certification, this class will create disruptions that will allow your dog and you to move smoothly through environments and be the best at their job.  Therapy Dog International (T.D.I.) is a registry for dogs who want to do therapy work.  At the end of the class you have the option of  being evaluated for your T.D.I. test.

                                                                                                    Class/Session Start Dates:

All Training is Pre-Paid, Schedule, and Non-Refundable.

Private Sessions: Tuesday nights 6:30 PM - 8 PM       

Group Sessions: Tuesday nights at 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM  

*Sessions must be pre-paid and scheduled ahead of time. Again, there will be no refunds for any canceled or missed sessions.



Pets of any age may receive private, in-home or one-on-one intimate individual session/s (in the facility). Two paid sessions are required before attending any classes.

*Sessions must be pre-paid and scheduled ahead of time.


One session  - This one on one is to address any one specific concern you have regarding your pet. Each session is tailored to your specific dog situation. There is no limit to what you can request as we deal with all types of behavior concerns. The amount of sessions needed will be determined by the dog's ability and the amount of time you put into practice.

Two sessions – Each session is tailored to your specific dog and situation. The first session always includes assessing the household. THe second will be used to learn leash walking (Heel) with Sit and self control/patience. You can then choose based on your needs what else will be covered such as reactivity to other dogs, jumping, excessive barking or additional commands such as stay or come etc(Typically on one to two commands can be taught per session). There is no limit to what you can request as we deal with all types of behavior concerns. The amount of sessions needed will be determined by the dog's ability and the amount of time you put in to practice.

Four Sessions - Covers the above two sessions plus additional commands and more reliability. Heel, Sit, Automatic Sit, Stay Down, and Come. In many cases dogs are very reliable on leash with medium levels of distractions.

Six Sessions - Everything listed in two sessions and four sessions, plus introduction to off leash- or fully off leash depending on the dogs ability. ( A remote collar must be used for off leash training, sold separately and can be provided for purchase by the facility)

*Sessions are 30 minutes long and cost $30.00. Sessions are pre-paid, scheduled ahead of time, and non-refundable.


BEGINNER OBEDIENCE and The Family Dog: Registration Form

(4 months and older) 5 Weekly Group Sessions

It’s never too late to start training your dog. You will learn to modify your dog’s behavior through positive re-enforcement and form the foundation you will rely on to make your dog a well-behaved member of your family. Emphasis is on: stay commands, controlled walking on leash, no jumping, learning the come command and problem solving.

*All classes are limited in size to ensure individual attention. Classes require pre-registration and pre-payment to ensure class size.


ADVANCED OBEDIENCE, C.G.C. and Therapy Dog: Registration Form                                                                                                                               (6 - 12 months and older) 5 Weekly Group Sessions

Must be a graduate of one of the following Pet-Agree Training courses: Beginner Obedience or Puppy Kindergarten.

This class is designed to pick up where beginner and puppy kindergarten classes left off - reinforcement and fine tuning of commands that were learned in these classes are further defined. More advance training in this class, which includes off-leash commands. 

Details of this class are discussed upon graduation of beginner and puppy kindergarten classes.

Classes require pre-registration and pre-payment to ensure class size.