Don’t Cats Clean Themselves?

Here are the basics: 

Cats Lick Themselves, They Don’t Groom Themselves.

This “licking” they perform does not prevent or get rid of mats, tangles, dirt/grease, washing away of dandruff, (keep in mind dander and dandruff are different) reducing hairball's, fleas, or the cleaning out of ears, nail trims etc.

These procedures should be done by a professional groomer.

Not all cats need to be trimmed, just a bath/dry/shed-out treatment will do.

Why Should Cats Be Groomed? 

Ouch-Management: To remove pain causing tangles/mats/pelts.
Shorten Length of Coat: For cats comfort and reduce hairball/blockage.
Reduce Shedding: For your environment (i.e.: allergies, clothes, furniture, etc.)
Increase comfort: For sick and/or elderly/obese cats that can no longer reach areas.
Skin Irritation and/or Odor: Greasy, Dandruff, form Fleas, Etc.
Sanitary/Potty Patch: Litter in paws, bathroom residual in back end of coat.

How is cat grooming done at Pet-Agree?

Certified Pet Groomers works on your cat. Your cat gets our entire attention and assistance throughout the entire grooming process, regardless of what service is chosen. From our training and certification, the products we use all the way to the design of our facility, and special equipment, all is done and chosen to allow us to give your cat a stress-free, harmless, and compassionate environment as possible.

We are active members of the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America.