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David E Danielson · Account Manager at Kaman Industrial Technologies Alicen is a gentle and caring professional, your pet will be glad you choose her, and so will you!

Nancy Faucher · RN at RI Hospital - Alicen is a great person, full of compassion.

Paula Lopes · Works at Dupuis Oil Company - Alicen is a great person, and loves my dog Lady! She loves animals!

Diane Denton · CEO & Founder at Denton Inc. - Totally love Alicen & her mom Dolly....great friendly people!

Nancy Roberts Ball - Oklahoma State University - Princess Bailey loves her time at Pet-Agree! She literally pulls me through the door to get there and goes NUTS when she sees Alicen and her crew.  Pet-Agree keeps her coat in great shape. :)

Stephanie Vaupel Armstrong · Mary Kay - Love what they do with miss Hershey

Judi Spencer · Realtor at BH Premier Realty/Auction - Alicen has been a tremendous donator to A.C.T of Dubois County, by grooming our animals and giving gift certificates to all our adopters.  She is great with my personal dogs also, very loving and really cares about the animals.

Beth Saalman · Buyer/Planner at Stens Corporation- Alicen treats Henry as if he were her own...with love and great care.  She makes him pretty and happy.  I will take him nowhere else.  Alicen is the best, paws down.

Jaline Harder Hoffman · Owner at AJ'S AUTO - Alicen has years of experience and knows her stuff! She will treat your pet like family with care and respect!

Monica Wilson Leitch · Real estate broker at BH Premier Realty/Auction - Alicen is great with not only our little Westie, but she has been very generous with her help with the rescued dogs at A.C.T. She always goes above and beyond.

Maria Land · Springs Valley Community High School - Bailey and I both love Alicen.  She does an excellent job with my spoiled, rotten baby girl.   :)

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