Client must give 24 hours’ notice, failure to do so results in a “No Show Fee” (per pet). See interest policy below.

No Show Fee __________________________ $30.00/pet

**If a pet is more than 15 minutes late for his/her appointment, the salon reserves the right to reschedule the appointment and the client will be billed a no-show fee. **


The no show fee listed above can be applied for failure to give notice. Client is allowed to miss one class as long as notification is given.  Please make sure to research all that the training class entails as we do not give refunds since this is an upfront commitment.  

Interest for Balance Due

We expect payment within 29 days of the charge being incurred, so please process this invoice within that grace period. There will be a 10% interest charge per month on late invoices.

All invoices older than one (1) year will be sent to collections.

Per Indiana State Law, no business is obligated to send out invoices after the initial notification of payment due. The initial notification for Pet-Agree is at the time of receipt which is verbally given to clients over the phone or in person when the amount is credited to their account. Per Indiana law, we are in no way responsible for continued notification of amount due. It is the customers responsibility to pay this balance before the grace period of 29 days is up. We recommend clients keep their e-mail addresses up-to-date as we will be offering to invoice the client after each interest percentage is incurred.