Pricing varies according to breed, size, coat  condition and TEMPERAMENT

Profesional Styling

Styling is referd to pets which have longer coats and is provided by a trained and certified Professional Animal Cosmetologist. This is a full service for your pets specific breed and coat needs. We use Pet and Eco friendly shampoos and conditioners designed to balance PH of skin and coat of your pet. 


Pricing varies according to breed, size, coat condition and TEMPERAMENT

professional Basic

This term is used for short coated breeds that do not typically require any scissor styling. for example a Labrador Retriever or a Beagle to mention a couple.


$ various

Walk-in (while you wait) MAINTENANCE services

These items of service are included in full styling grooming, with the exception of teeth brushing which can be added at any time to our full services.

  • Nails Cut
  • Nails Grinding
  • Sanitary trim
    • In front of eyes
    • Pads
    • Genital Clean-up
  • Teeth brushing (can be added to any full service)